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Conscious Evolution: How to Thrive in our Transforming World

By Denise Sheehan

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." ~ W. Edwards Deming

"Civilization as we know it is coming to an end right now... We must make this evolutionary leap or become extinct." This is how Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., opened his presentation, "The Biology of Belief: Mind over Genes," on August 14, 2010 in Grass Valley, California.* During his presentation, Dr. Lipton offers a very thorough history of science to demonstrate where we've been and where we're going in our evolutionary path as humans. He shows that for the first time in the history of our planet, we face the possibility of extinction. In contrast to the five former extinctions from forces outside of our control, like meteors, this sixth one is self-created, based on human behavior. At these crossroads, we have a choice: extinction or evolution. Should we choose to evolve, what wisdom and resources are available to us to help us create our evolutionary journey? A few ideas emerge from Dr. Lipton's work that we can put into practice right away.

Cultivate the "honeymoon effect" - Ah, the feeling of first falling in love, of abundant energy and joy, of creating heaven on earth. During these times in our lives, we are aware in every moment, making conscious choices rather than relying on habit. Our immune systems are boosted in this phase, and we are stronger, happier, and full of bliss. By consciously creating love-vibrations in our lives and by transcending habits through conscious choice-making, we can create our own honeymoon effect, enhance our immune systems, strengthen our bodies, and create happier lives.

Seek out "good vibes" – We all know certain places and people that feel good to us. We can consciously create lives that revolve around positive experiences, friendships, workplaces, etc. This will help us to focus away from fear-based thinking, which is actually quite damaging to our systems because our bodies' cells move away from nourishment to preserve energy for fight or flight. Seeking good vibes may demand from us pruning whatever in our lives creates stress, fear, or disharmony. Doing so will bring us closer to living the "honeymoon effect."

Expose and rewrite your subconscious beliefs – The conscious mind powers up our creativity, identification with Source, positive thinking, and focus on wishes, desires, and aspirations. The subconscious mind functions out of habit and our patterns are created when we're in the womb through age six. The subconscious mind regards every thought about the past or future to be present now. For example, negative comments we heard as children are felt as if they are spoken in the present moment. 95% of our programs are in our subconscious mind, and we're largely oblivious of the messages we receive from there. Whenever our lives refuse to flow in accordance with our conscious desires, we know that the subconscious mind is not aligned with conscious intent. Reuniting subconscious beliefs with conscious desires and intentions fosters harmony for creating heaven on earth. We retrain our subconscious with repetitive habits, Psych-K, Glossary Link life coaching, Glossary Link Reiki, hypnosis, subconscious tapes, super-learning states like speed-reading, and other resources listed on Bruce Lipton's web site. Because our minds create our health and well-being, these processes are key points in our evolution.

Be an imaginal cell/cultural creative – "Imaginal cells" are new cells that spring forth from the old. Borrowing from the butterfly analogy, the caterpillar enters the cocoon to become a sort of ooze, and within the ooze, the imaginal cells hold the vision of butterfly so that the other cells can organize around this vision. Crisis ignites evolution. Currently our systems - political, economic, healthcare, etc. - are in crisis. We can't use current ways of thinking to solve our problems. Cultural creatives are like the imaginal cells holding the vision of heaven on earth. They do not fight the current systems, trying to go back into caterpillar form; instead they create a new world from their inherent (not programmed) beliefs and help us to bridge the divide between one system that's failing and a new cycle in our evolutionary path.

"It's not the end of life; it's the end of a way of life," Dr. Lipton says. In his written and audio works, he shares how his spiritual awakening evolved from his research, and how our evolutionary status as a species necessitates a shift if we're to guarantee our survival on planet earth. We do this through a blending of science and spirit, in order to become conscious creators of our world.

I know that our world is facing some enormous challenges, environmentally, economically, politically. Everything happening in our world suggests the need for clearing clutter, not only from our environments, but from our internal world as well, such as old habits, attachments, and sub-conscious clutter that inhibit our potential for growth and expansion. Instead of fixing all the broken systems, how would our world shift if we all learned to offer our unique gifts, raise our vibration and happiness quotient, and come from a loving heart? This is the path to our evolution and to creating heaven on earth!

The spiritual path wrecks the body, only to restore it to health, It destroys the house, to unearth the treasure, And with that treasure, rebuilds it better than before. ~ Rumi

* Dr. Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science andspirit. He is a visionary scientist and pioneer in the "new biology" called epigenetics. He is the author of The Biology of Belief and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution.

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